The DC Latino Caucus serves as a channel for the participation and involvement of Latinos in civic engagement and political activities within the greater Washington, DC Metropolitan area. This includes but is not limited to serving as an independent citizens’ lobbying group before metropolitan area officials, city administrators, neighborhood associations, and other organized groups.  Through its PAC, the DC Latino Caucus PAC, the DC Latino Caucus will promote Latino involvement in the political process through voter registration and education projects; endorsing specific Democratic Party candidates and candidates who are seeking an elective or appointed office affecting the Washington metropolitan area; and providing personnel and financial assistance to endorse candidates in accordance with applicable federal, state and local laws.

DC Latino Caucus Executive Board Members:

President - Silvia Martinez 

Vice President - Joe Barrios

Treasurer - Jose Gutierrez  

Communications Officer - Franklin Garcia 

Secretary - Ruth Pagani 

General Counsel - Joe Barrios

 DC Latino Caucus Board Members (term):

Jaime Alonso (1-year)                           Silvia Martinez (Elected)

Joe Barrios (2-year)                              Gabriela Mossi (2-year)

Maria Corrales (1-year)                       Ruth Pagani (2-year)

Mario Cristaldo (Elected)                   Jackie Reyes (1-year)

Walter Deleon (1-year)                        Hector Rodriguez (2-year)

Franklin Garcia (Elected)                   John Rodriguez (2-year)

Jose Gutierrez (2-year)                        Catalina Talero (2-year)

Hector Huezo (1-year)                          Juan Thompson (Elected)

Frank Maduro (2-year)                        Alexa Wertman (Elected)


To become a member of the DC Latino Caucus PAC, please download application from the Documents section of the website or complete on-line applicationThank you.


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