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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about organization

The DC Latino Caucus will serve as a channel for the participation and involvement of Latinos in civic engagement and political activities within the greater Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area. This includes, but is not limited to: serving as an independent citizens’ lobbying group before metropolitan area officials, city administrators, neighborhood associations, and other organized groups.  Through its PAC, the DC Latino Caucus PAC, the DC Latino Caucus will promote Latino involvement in the political process through voter registration and education projects; endorsing specific Democratic Party candidates and candidates who are seeking an elective or appointed office affecting the Washington metropolitan area; and providing personnel and financial assistance to endorse candidates in accordance with applicable Federal, state and local laws.

To become a member of the DC Latino Caucus PAC, please download application from the Documents section of the website or complete on-line applicationThank you.


Gabriela Mosi

John Rodriguez
Vice President


Jorge Escurra

Claudia Barragan
Communications Officer

Karen Vanegas

Hector Rodriguez
Male Ex-Officio to DCDSC

Julia Lara
Female Ex-Officio to DCDSC

Board Members

             Claudia Barragan               Gabriela Mossi
               Maria Corrales               Roxana Olivas
              Mario Cristaldo                  Ed Potillo

Jorge Delgado

              Lillian Perdomo

 Alfredo Diaz

 Elizabeth Pecot

            Jorge Jose Escurra

Jackie Reyes

             Franklin Garcia              John Rodriguez
           Xiomara M Flores              Hector Rodriguez
             Maria Ibanez           Juan Manuel Thompson

Julia Lara

Karen Vanegas

Silvia Martinez

Alexa Wertman

                  John Zotolli


email us at

The DC Latino Caucus stands for:

  • Equal Political Representation:  The right to direct election of local
    elected officials.

  •  Justice in Housing:  Real reform that keeps Latino families in the
    District though times of prosperity not just adversity.

  • Equal Access to Healthcare:   Culturally competent and humane
    healthcare that is responsive to the Latino community’s needs.

  • Free and Appropriate Education:  Culturally competent education
    that integrates Latino youth as productive participants of society.

  • Equal Employment Opportunities:  Enhanced job training and
    government contracting opportunities to integrate Latino workers
    and businesses into the mainstream workforce.

  • Safe Communities:  Immigrant-friendly, culturally competent
    community policing.

El DC Latino Caucus es una organización política democrata independiente.

El Caucus Servirá para incrementar la participación de los latinos en el
Partido Demócrata de el Distrito de Columbia. El Caucus también abogara
por asuntos que impacten a los Latinos y por aumentar la participación
de nuestra comunidad en actividades políticas incluyendo las

  • Abogar en asuntos que impactan la vida de los Latinos ante
    funcionarios del área metropolitana, administradores de la ciudad,
    asociaciones del vecindario y otros grupos organizados.
  • Promover la participación de los latinos en el proceso político por
    medio del registro de votantes y proyectos educativos.
  • Apoyar candidatos Demócratas y candidatos independientes que
    promuevan el adelanto socioeconómico de los Latinos en el Distrito
    de Columbia.
  • Apoyar y fomentar nuevo liderazgo político entre los Latinos.





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